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Washing Machine Repair

At Ralph’s Appliance Repair, we understand that it takes swift action to repair your appliances in order to give you the economic efficiency, convenience and comfort in your Tampa, FL home or business that you deserve when appliances falter. With our dedication to our valued clients, we come to your location as soon as possible to repair your appliance. Ralph’s Appliance Repair technicians possess the expertise to find the solution to your fallen appliance and using our skills, premium products and advanced equipment to get the appliance repaired with long-term efficiency.

Troubleshooting Machine Machine Problems

Washing machines are among the most common appliance in Tampa, FL homes. Especially for larger families, it can be required on a daily basis. When the washing machine is no longer functioning, it may not be impactful for a few days, but eventually, the unwashed laundry becomes more than an inconvenience. Common washing machine issues include:
– Unusual noises
– Water leaks
– Not starting the cycle
– No agitation
– Timer or cycle is stuck
– Shakes and/or moves
– No water filling
– Water won’t stop filling
– Burning odor
– Lid/door won’t close or open
– Hot or cold water will not fill

Washing Machine Repair & More in Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Lakeland & Tampa, Florida

Unfortunately, every symptom of a disturbed washer function may be caused by various reasons, so it’s a good idea to hire a specialist. Call in the professionals of Ralph’s Appliance Repair as soon as you notice there is a problem with your washing machine. Taking prompt action can help make the repairs simpler and faster as well as less costly. We are experienced in servicing all major brands and types of residential washers and dryers including integrated and built in washing machines, top loading or front loading washers, stackable combination units and compact washing machines. Contact our friendly office to schedule your washing machine repairs and let our certified experts take care of the rest.

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